Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology Therapy

(SMART)™ workshops

Workshop presenter Sharon Stathis RN
Workshop manager Dick Rigby B.Sc. (Mon), M.Sc. (QLD)

Ayurvedic Reflexology SMART 1 & SMART 2
Seattle, USA

Contact: Lisa Hensell:
Phone: 206.284.8389
Web event for SMART:
Venue: Seattle Reflexology & Massage Centre, 419 Queen Anne Ave, N Suite, Seattle
Enrolments open

SMART 1 (14 credits)
(Prerequisite: Pre-reading Reflexology Fundamental Principles)
9-10 September 2017


  • Foot reflexology - an overview
  • Ayurveda fundamental principles
  • Ayurvedic massage & massage oils
  • Ayurvedic foot massage (padabhyanga)
  • Marma therapy fundamental principles
  • Marma therapy for the feet
  • Kasa bowl work for the feet
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology for the feet
  • Self-help foot routine
  • Ayurvedic practices for self-care

SMART 2 (7 credits)
(Prerequisite: SMART 1 attendance)
11 September 2017


  • Hand reflexology - an overview
  • Ayurvedic hand massage (hastabhyanga)
  • Marma therapy for the hands
  • Kasa bowl work for the hands
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology for the hands
  • Self-help hand routine

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