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Ayurvedic Reflexology Workshops

SMART workshops are suitable for Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Bowen therapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Nurses and any
other practitioners who use touch therapies.

Sharon Stathis RN


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Ayurvedic Reflexology

Teaching SMART™ seminars & workshops
Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology Therapy

Ayurvedic Reflexology

What is Ayurvedic Reflexology?

Ayurveda (pronounced I-yoor-vay-da) is the ancient, traditional health system of India.

The birth of Ayurvedic Reflexology

“Ayurvedic Reflexology” has been the “brain child” of Sharon Stathis. Her husband Richard Rigby has also helped with this exciting birth.

SMART Workshop Brochure

Ancient wisdom for modern times. Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology Therapy


Absolutely the best CE class I’ve ever taken! Enough but not too much information as not to overwhelm, and enough learned to immediately put into practice with clients. Love all the video support, slides and discussion, then practical videos played during exchanges.

Crystal Baker

SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2019

It was excellent. Videos were super helpful, very well made. Presentation was very good to understand and to follow. The mixture of theory and practice was very well organized. Just curious to learn more thanks to this wonderful teaching and experience – I just feel blessed.

Janine Carrel

SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

The presenter offered explanations in various ways so that all questions were answered thoroughly, with great attention to student needs. If you are wondering if you should take this class, wonder no more – you should! You will be astounded at the level of relaxation and balance you feel.

Lisa Hensell

SMART 2, Seattle 2017

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