Reviews & Testimonials

Testimonials 2019

SMART 1 & 2, Montreal, Canada, 5-7 October 2019

The presenter was excellent! So much so, that our French speaking participants didn’t require any translation, leaving us with more time to practise. Thank you, Sharon for this wonderful workshop. I look forward to introducing my clients to Ayurvedic Reflexology. Bless you for sharing this beautiful work with us.
Giovanna Daniele, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Sharon you were wonderful, clear, concise – so refreshing for an instructor to talk about energy, protection, self-care, and how everything is connected to intention.
Jeannie Vuksinic, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Sharon is so interesting, and her experience is so vast, that I wish SMART 1 would have an extra day. To anyone hesitating taking the course, DON’T!!!
Renée Daoust SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Sharon’s knowledge and first-hand experience in India. The research she has done, and how she shares it, is very inspiring and authentic!”
I am excited to integrate all aspects of this work into my practice. This is invaluable teaching.
Shelley Kerman, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

I enjoyed Sharon telling us to trust ourselves, to become confident in ourselves, and that our work is so important.
Theresa Quinn Hildebrand, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

I loved that Sharon shared pictures, experiences and stories of her travels and personal experiences. Sharon is a wonderful and generous person. Very patient and giving! …..and Sharon repeats as many times as needed!
Nada Abi Nader, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

The practical side of the course with the PowerPoint videos and Sharon talking us into the routine was excellent! The very soft voice and slow pace articulation of the presenter’s way of speaking was very important in our understanding of the content.
Louise Groulx, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Something new, different, and using the kansa bowl. I liked the silence during the practise, and time to understand what we have to do.”
Nicole Ouellette, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Very easy to understand. The videos were exactly what I needed. Such an inspiring course. Thanks Sharon. Thanks to Dick also for his kindness and helpfulness to all of us.
Pauline Finlay, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Sharon, the presenter, was clear and very helpful when needed. The presentation was easy to follow. I really liked learning about the marma points, and I really liked the flow of the class.
Christine Labrie Marshall, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

The entire presentation was clear and easy to understand. Good speed as well.
Sylvie Boileau, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

I enjoyed how Sharon explained everything slowly and clearly. Was extremely impressed on her teaching skills and how easy the learning objectives were achieved. Having us work along with the video was very helpful. The hands-on work is a great way to learn the sequence quickly.
Margaret Gurinskas, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Training excellent, and fluid. You take time to teach – to be with everyone. Stay like you are – passionate, excellent professional, in love with your work and life.
Catherine Morice, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Please Sharon do not change anything about your way of teaching. You are awesome, and I would like to know more about all your experience and your rich knowledge in that healing modality. Thank you.
Nathalie Auger, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Very good presentation & good flow of information. Thank you for taking the time to come and teach us about this amazing art of combining energy and healing.
Nathalie Desmarai, SMART 1, Montreal 2019

Thank you, Sharon for incorporating the appropriate practical work, as I am very visual.
Carole Dupuis, SMART 1, Montreal 2019


SMART 1 Columbus, USA, 28-29 September 2019

Thank you, Sharon. This was the best. This work is amazing. I appreciate the time & energy the presenter took to create this phenomenal class. A great addition to our (reflexology) tool boxes.
Sherri Crowell, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

Best instructor ever! Learned so much this weekend. Sharon was always walking around providing guidance to our technique during the hands-on parts. She was easy to understand and talk to.
Lori Slone, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

Loved the instructional videos. Loved the way material was presented, and that we have the manual covering everything we need, to continue with the techniques.
Jane Lanverman, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended! Sharon is so passionate! Presentation was clear and organized. The visual aids were excellent, and I am so glad to take home a copy to continue to learn this practice. Love the principle of balancing Vata through foot work.
Leslie Harris, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

Thank you for your passion in sharing your knowledge with such patience and kindness! Looking forward to your books!
Lisa Beal, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “The visual aids, along with the practicum was so helpful.”
It was perfect!
Betty Zane, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Understanding the terms in Ayurveda – and how it is incorporated/blended with reflexology.”
Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for your books.
Carolyn Ebbs, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Honestly, everything.”
I thought it was a terrific class.
Ken Morrow, SMART 1, Columbus 2019

SMART 1 & 2, Seattle, USA 4-6 May 2019

Absolutely the best CE class I’ve ever taken! Enough but not too much information as not to overwhelm, and enough learned to immediately put into practice with clients. Love all the video support, slides and discussion, then practical videos played during exchanges.
Crystal Baker, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2019

The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and articulate, making rather complex-seeming topics very straightforward and understandable. In-class use of the very well-organized and well-shot video that corresponds to the class is a great idea. It gives a sense of security to students that they’ll have something to lean on when they/we forget things after the class.
Lisa Hensell, AR SMART 1&2, Seattle 2019

Sharon is one of the best presenters I have ever gotten to see – full of very important knowledge and made it fun. Learning about Ayurveda on the hands was very informative. Everything Sharon talked about was of value – how to care for your client and yourself.
Noreen Gelinas, SMART 1&2, Seattle 2019

Contents were appropriate for beginners and still educational and interesting for those with some experience. Sharon was very helpful as well as being aware and in tune to the pace of the class and individual needs. I enjoyed Sharon’s personal approach and storytelling. Her passion for holistic health comes through in the class authentically, professionally and lovingly.
Summer Love, SMART 1&2, Seattle 2019

Presenter is amazing! Very clear material.
Robin Sherman, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Sharon – her smile, energy and practical application of knowledge.”
Gail Vella, SMART 1, Seattle 2019

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “The personal help with everything.”
Gae Gilhousen, SMART 2, Seattle 2019

Testimonials 2018

SMART 1, Adliswil (Zurich), Switzerland, 22-23 September 2018
(The workshop was translated into Swiss German.)

It was excellent. Videos were super helpful, very well made. Presentation was very good to understand and to follow. The mixture of theory and practice was very well organized. Just curious to learn more thanks to this wonderful teaching and experience – I just feel blessed.
Janine Carrel, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

Perfect! Not too much, but enough to work, to start with. Sharon speaks a wonderful English. Clear presentation, very good slides, very good support. Video of treatment in India was very impressive. I learnt a new way of “healing” my family and my clients. It gives me a new way of looking at health and treatment of it. Thanks a lot.
Sabine Lutzelschwab, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A “Lots of practice and enough theory”
Great course, lots to learn and practice. Time went so quickly! It was great. Thanks a lot!
Claudia Hui, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

The language and presentation were easy to understand. The presenter great. I received a good first view of the Ayurveda foot massage and I’m happy to be able to use it after the workshop. The videos are very helpful. Thank you for the organisation which was great and the great presentation.
Elaine Brenni, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

It was very interesting and fascinating. You speak a very beautiful English. It was no problem to understand. Thank you very much for this wonderful weekend.
Tina Kuttel, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

Informative power point presentation and good balance between theory and practice.
Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A Brilliant teacher, good structure, wonderful also to receive massage – lovely
Irene Steinmann, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

Superb. Very clear and very well explained. It made me want to know more about Ayurveda.
Suvi Sertore, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

That was a very interesting workshop. The translators helped a lot.
Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A “Get to learn something new and notice the positive effects yourself and gather new experiences.”
Elisabeth Ruoss, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

Wonderful. Thanks. Very good understanding and explanation. Please come again.
Gabi Supan, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018

Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A “’It was a wonderful massage. Sharon spoke English very clearly and slowly, so I could understand her very well.
Ursula Ziegler, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

There’s nothing that can be done better. Sharon has a very nice, clear English. I understood more than I expected.
Sandra Schafer, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

Q hat did you enjoy most about the course?
A “The technique and the mixture of practical work and theory as well as the videos.”
Extremely good and understandable.
Sandra Scharer, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

I really liked it. I have now something new and great and I am looking forward to applying it.
Kathrin-Ann Bino, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 

Q hat did you enjoy most about the course?
A “The simpleness of the presentations.”
The hand course would be nice to have right after.
Nadia Ledesma, SMART 1, Adliswil, Switzerland 2018 


SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, Spain, 13-19 September 2018

This has to be the best reflexology workshop I’ve attended, and I’m not prone to exaggerated compliments! You’ve spurred a massive new interest for me. I’ll add Ayurvedic Reflexology to my treatments, and through your work I’ll be able to help and support others.
Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A “The complete balance. The video on screen is genius! We could all follow and practise with precision.”
Judy Campbell, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018

Loved training with CD/film playing. I am so looking forward to delving deeper into this way of working and ultimately offering this wonderful treatment to my clients. Thank you so much.
Sharon Elliott, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018

Sharon is a wonderful teacher and is so generous with her knowledge. Her passion is infectious. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your wonderful stories and wisdom.
Jane Bartholomew, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 201 

Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A “The passion Sharon has for the subject and the clarity of delivery. Watching the video with Sharon’s words worked really well.”
Anna Bartholomew, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018

Sharon explains everything so well. It’s easy to learn from her.
Sally Stottard, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018 

Excellent training aids. Really helpful to have the DVD projected onto the wall to refer to as we practised.
Q What did you enjoy most about the course?
A “Having the treatment done to me – Heavenly!”
Kate Hamilton, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018 

The presenter was so passionate about her subject that it was very “easy” listening. The use of the projected instructions was a wonderful aid to learning – a real bonus to watch and practise at the same time.
Gillian Jones, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018 

Brilliant content. Brilliant to be able to watch the video while doing the treatment. Sharon is so generous with her passion and knowledge – it was infectious. And I loved the treatment she has developed.
Christine Baker, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain2018 

Sharon gave her knowledge in a clear manner and was very helpful. The screen alongside Sharon’s presentation was a very good combination for learning. The course notes were also very useful. They will continue to be useful with practice.
Jane Luce, SMART 1, Equilibrio Reflexology Retreat, “Hidden Paradise”, Spain 2018


Testimonials 2017  

SMART 1 & 2 Seattle, USA 9 – 11 September 2017

The presenter offered explanations in various ways so that all questions were answered thoroughly, with great attention to student needs. If you are wondering if you should take this class, wonder no more – you should! You will be astounded at the level of relaxation and balance you feel
Lisa Hensell, AR SMART 2, Seattle 2017

I really liked the video. I am a visual learner, so it was quite helpful. Once I’m certified, I want to change to this method.
Jackie Maxwell, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

Fantastic amount of info. Thrilled to begin using this on my clients. Will be doing additional studies on Ayurveda following the class. Sharon – Loved your presence and keeping class on track.
The work is relaxing to receive. I love that I’ll be able to “save” my hands while providing clients with a soothing and energetic reflexology session. I tend to do RLD (Reflexology Lymph Drainage) most often in my practice, and am excited to add the marmas, specifically the one for lymph work. Will incorporate hands into the mix too!
Sue Gaughenbaugh, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

Awesome! Excellent book and in-class videos were clear and sharp. It was all well thought out. I appreciate all the time and care put into the class and materials. Very happy with content and plan to make it my thing! It is perfect for me since I have a medium touch at most, and this modality feels empowering! Proves that reflexology does not have to be hard to be astoundingly effective.
Heidi Marks, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Technical and hands-on work, and excellent correction on technique.”
Excellent – great slides and visual aides. Sharon is so generous in sharing her information in a clear, concise, informative manner. Her energy and love of her work is contagious. Sharon is a true inspiration – Thank you.
Teri Adolfo, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

Particularly liked the slide demo on screen while we did hands-on practice. I really appreciated how Sharon explained clearly and answered all our questions completely. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and am very excited to implement these amazing techniques. The complete sequence was as wonderful and nourishing to give as it was to receive. I am very excited by the Ayurvedic approach, and the focus on subtle energy bodies. Thank you! Fabulous workshop!
Kathleen Harris, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

I’m so excited to share this work with my clients. It was great, thank you so much!
Ori Hamberg, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

The PowerPoint presentation was so helpful. I loved the video demonstration. Presentations were very clear. The presenter was very helpful in answering questions and explaining materials. I enjoyed Sharon’s attention to detail and her helpful comments to our class and us individually. I loved that we were able to both practice and receive so much during the course. Now I feel I can confidently apply Ayurvedic Reflexology in my practice, and I plan to! I feel that I will be using Ayurvedic Hand Reflexology regularly in my practice after this course.
Sayre Herrick, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “learning it in general – but receiving it (Ayurvedic Reflexology) was fantastic!” (SMART 1)

A. “a new way to work the hands.” (SMART 2)
Cindy Moore, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017

Love how clear the videos are. Loved the video demonstration alongside the practical. I loved the whole experience, but the marma point exercises were the best.
Charlotte Campanella, SMART 1 & 2, Seattle 2017 

Excellent. Very clear, very understandable, and awesome presentation. Sharon’s passion for this work shines. I am a hands convert now!
Holly Anderson, SMART 1, Seattle 2017

Q. What did you enjoy most about the course?
A. “Instructor, valuable information, expansion of knowledge, Ayurvedic perspective”
Wonderful slides, organized well. (Presenter was) very helpful, easy to follow, focused.
Susan Prentiss, SMART 1, Seattle 2017

Testimonials 2016

SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

The instructor as well as her teaching materials were superb. This was without a doubt among the very best workshops I have ever attended. Thank you!
Chloe Clark-Berry, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

From start to finish was excellent. Encouragement from teacher was excellent and appreciated.
Diana Farless, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

Thank you so much for your gifts this class has brought me, and will bring to my clients, family and friends.
Mark W. Bell, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I’m looking forward to taking ‘HANDS’ – mastering both modalities under your guidance and taking it as far as I am guided to.
Treesha DiGuido, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

Sharon’s clarity and dedication to her program are as exquisite as her heart.
Fred Coen, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016 

I loved Sharon’s teaching style and calm voice. I loved having the video example to follow during each practice session.
Cheryl Boerger, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016 

Very well prepared – also with heart felt energy. Opened me to new knowledge. Very lovingly given – questions answered quickly with understanding.
D. Marta Tuck, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016 

Presenter was attentive to all students’ needs – adjusting hand/finger positions. Fabulous!
Patti Kaszuba, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

Presentations were great – presenter was very helpful. Watching video while working works well!
Mary Reimann, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016

The conference (workshop) was done in a very calming environment conducive to learning.
Paatricia Wilson, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016 

Sharon is a gifted teacher – what a blessing to be in your class. I am very grateful to have been able to take this class and to have met Sharon & Dick. You have touched our hearts. Thank you.
Patricia Barrance, SMART 1 Anchorage, USA 2016


SMART 1 & 2 Vancouver, Canada 2016

Presentation was extremely well presented and easy to absorb. Sharon you were very patient and informative and a pleasure to listen to. Left feeling I have learned a lot, and excited to move forward with this.
Lynda Russolillo, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016

The presenter made it simple to understand for somebody who is not familiar with Ayurveda. Repetition was also very helpful. I loved practising as much as receiving. Annick Chasse, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016

You are an exceptional teacher – flexible yet structured, validating and meticulous. You teach with such freshness and joy. Pamela Russell, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016

Contents were exceptional. I reaIly like the blend of Ayurveda with reflexology.
Linda Quat, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016

This 2 days has been a most welcome addition and expansion to my reflexology awareness. I look forward to practising these new techniques.
Dan Irvine, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016

Very well demonstrated and full of information – techniques were good, meaningful and mindful.
Huma Lakhani, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016

It was very nice to receive a Ayurvedic Reflexology session.
Yuri Lasmarias, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016 

Excellent – really like the integration of Science/TCM/Reflex/Ayurveda/Spirituality. This style feels much more in line with My Being & Beliefs than Ingram Reflex.
Aaron Adams, SMART 1 Vancouver, Canada 2016 

Sharon, you are an amazing, gifted teacher. Thank you so much! After this weekend, I am so excited to practise these techniques and learn more about Ayurveda.
Lila Chenier, SMART 2 Vancouver, Canada 2016


SMART 1 Melbourne 27 – 28 February 2016

This has been the best workshop I have attended – well organised and thought out, well presented. The whole workshop has had a calm feel to it, and promoted a great learning environment. The practical component was fantastic. Jennifer Rigby, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016 

I loved the way the information was presented – it appealed to the various learning styles. The visual images, alongside the instructor’s guidance and practical hands on was fabulous, inspiring, a wonderful workshop – excellent!. Joanne McCloud, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016 

I enjoyed the video, especially how the movements start again and again till you stopped it Sharon. Your work needs to be passed on to other reflexologists for many, many years to come. Marie-Anne Chabot, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

The visuals were clear, good quality, and, accompanied by the presenter’s explanations, really facilitated understanding. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! For me it threaded all the techniques I have learnt thus far into a whole, harmonious and powerful concept. Esabel Lamusse, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

I came with expectations and was completely fulfilled. Love the visual (video) learning whilst doing the practical sessions – it was clear to see exactly where and how to place hands/body. Debra DeAngelis, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016 

Great workshop, and a pleasure to meet and work with Sharon. Great teacher and inspiration to learn new things. Margaret Bartle, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

It was a very well thought out programme. The teacher covered all points with clarity. I could easily have done another day. Tania King, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

I loved Sharon and the workshop. It was exactly what I wanted, to enhance my reflexology practice. I will mainly use this technique in the future – a beautiful form of reflexology. Linda Engel, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

This has been the most inspirational, exciting, interesting and informative course that I have attended. Thank you Sharon. Sharon Way, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

I liked having the on screen video as a guide, and the notes are comprehensive. Wonderful presenter – a good speaker that holds your attention throughout the workshop. The relaxed, nurturing and positive energy from the presenter creates a beautiful environment in which to learn. Trudy Guest, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016

It was a most enjoyable, peaceful and useful workshop! I feel fortunate to be able to attend these 2 days. Using sesame oil for my practice will be wonderful! I loved these techniques. Rie Masadome, SMART 1 Melbourne, Australia 2016


Testimonials 2015

SMART 1 Athens 3 – 4 October 2015

It has been a while since I had the opportunity to attend a post graduate course, and SMART 1 was just what I needed. Sharon Stathis introduced us to the basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine, and definitely planted this seed in us in order to cultivate more. She reminded me of qualities I had neglected in my personal practise, and these two days with her allowed me to refine them.

The basic protocol she introduced us to was taught to us thoroughly, and the video presentation during practice was of great benefit. The techniques that we were taught are impressive in their simplicity and effectiveness.

Sharon proved herself very knowledgeable, besides experienced. This I noticed when she would compare Dr. FitzGerald’s zones to Chinese meridians and the Nadis, but also when she made correlations between reflex areas and foot anatomy. Highly recommended. Spiros Dimitrakoulas, SMART 1, Athens 2015 

(The presentations) were clear, easy and very helpful. It was all beautiful!! Despoina Makridis, SMART 1, Athens 2015

The practice, together with the video, is excellent. Katerina Stathi, SMART 1, Athens 2015 

It was a new aspect for me – a new way of appreciating Reflexology in a new, more spiritual way. Marios Angelis, SMART 1, Athens 2015

It was very interesting. Everything was nice. I would like to learn more about Ayurvedic Reflexology. Georgia Barouta, SMART 1, Athens 2015

It was perfect, and the rhythm was perfect to be able to understand and remember what Sharon said. Sofia Boulenger, SMART 1, Athens 2015

(I enjoyed most) the knowledge, the video while practising, the energy part (how it was mentioned, explained & underlined) and the exchange time. Pari Desypri, SMART 1, Athens 2015

It was wonderful!!! It was perfect, and in the Light. Filia Chalatsi, SMART 1, Athens 2015

SMART 1 Lausanne 26-27 September 2015

The presentations were clear, and the teacher/presenter explains well, and stops each time we have a question. The technique pleases me really, more than traditional reflexology. The teaching is given with the heart and it’s beautiful. Débora Loutan, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

It is a great idea to have video support during the practicals. Thank you so much Sharon for your wonderful energy and knowledge, which I will take with me. Muriel Fassora, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

I love this method. Thank you. Nathalie Chiaureli, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

The training with the video was very efficient and helpful. I’ve appreciated the class a lot. The teaching was very well organised and done – so nothing to improve! Claire Anne Visinand SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

It was very interesting to learn this method – a beautiful method. The presenter is very competent. Marlène Leuber, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

As it was my first time learning or having Ayurvedic information, it was very easy to understand. I’m glad I bought the DVD, as we needed to see everything through the weekend. I will have time to integrate the information watching the DVD. Aïda Falquet, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

Very clear and simple to understand. Very helpful. Thank you very much – beautiful. Françoise Gagliadi, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

Great course! So clear. The video demonstrations were helpful. A lot of things have to be learnt, but I think I now have the fundamental knowledge to practise this massage. Nadia Tricarico, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

I enjoyed a lot, the sharing experience of Sharon and her very open mind. Thank you. Miriam Matouschek, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

Thank you Sharon for the beautiful energy – and the video support is perfect. Christine Jacot, SMART 1, Lausanne 2015

SMART 1 London 12-13 September 2015

So glad I attended this course. Sharon is knowledgeable, warm and reassuring. I feel I learned so much, and my clients will benefit. Jennifer Crowl, SMART 1, London 2015

The workshop was extremely informative, interesting, and I would recommend it to anyone. Sharon is a lovely person, and with her calming persona and vast knowledge, she is a great teacher. Sheena Hynd, SMART 1, London 2015

The video demonstrations were fantastic and so clear. It was very helpful to do the practice and be able to watch the video at the same time. I go away feeling confident to try it out. Anna Poole SMART 1, London 2015

Great manuals – lots of info to read in my own time. Lots of practical experience – nice pace – time to assimilate skills. Great knowledge. Great presentation. Great passion for subject. Thank you! Kate Mulliss, SMART 1, London 2015

I enjoyed having the practical sessions on the screen to refer to whilst practising. Thank you for a lovely, calming weekend. I enjoyed giving and receiving the Ayurvedic Reflexology! Liz Vogel, SMART 1, London 2015

We used the kasa bowl, which I thought was extremely powerful, and gave a wonderful energetic connection. Sharon is an amazing teacher. Her workshop is extremely clear and easy to understand. Candy Kitsz-Atsma, SMART 1, London 2015

Really liked the idea of playing the DVD during the practical. Meant we all knew what to do. So good to really feel what it’s like to have the treatment rather than just learn to give! Sarah Overton, SMART 1, London 2015

I have got everything I expected and more from the course. Thank you Sharon, you are a wonderful, inspirational person. Chris Ley, SMART 1 London, UK 2015


SMART 2 Brisbane 14-15 February 2015

I feel that I experienced more than I could have imagined. I have a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm for reflexology/Ayurveda. Kim Day, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Sharon’s passion and commitment is evident as she shares her knowledge. But even more so is her determination that each and every participant leaves her workshop with the skills to continue and take it where you want to. Debra DeAngelis, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

The visual presentation – video and slide show, worked in perfectly with Sharon’s explanations and knowledge. Sharon, your warmth and passion and ability to share all your worldly knowledge of Ayurvedic Reflexology, makes this a very special workshop. It will definitely make a wonderful change to my practice. Jodene Alston, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Sharon always checks the level of understanding, and constantly reinforces important points. Evelyn Stieger, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Sharon provides many opportunities for learning, catering well for all and helpful to all. You always do a wonderful job Sharon. Thank you for your commitment to your healing modality. Annette Yates, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Your teaching is really clear, and one of the best reflexology workshops I’ve attended so far. Reiko Fujiike-Stirling, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

It was good seeing the moves up on the screen first. It was much more effective than trying to huddle around a foot on a massage table for a demonstration. It was wonderful learning the hand routine and learning ways to incorporate marmas on the hands as a homecare tool for clients. Sarah Brooks, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Organised and well directed. Sharon is passionate about this area, which is reflected in the workshop presentation. Maree Wilson, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

The method of teaching with the screen in conjunction with talking through routines is an excellent way of learning for me. Sharon has an easy, relaxed way of teaching which adds to a good learning environment. Jill Wade, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Presented with both love and respect for participants and self. Mair Pugh, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Don’t want to sound patronising, but the presenter is probably one of the best reflexology teachers around. Inspiring. Miranda Mann, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015

Chakra balancing (via the feet) was very good and worked beautifully. I usually work with hands over body, but this was a lovely, easy way to work, and the sound was great. Anne McBride, SMART 2 Brisbane, Australia 2015







WOW! After four days now, I just keep saying WOW!
Sharon Stathis is one class act and a master teacher. Her passion, dedication to Ayurvedic Reflexology shined through as this workshop went at a good clip. She emphasises practical applications, so there were numerous in depth practice sessions and hands on work
The theory of this ancient practice is “wide and deep.” Indeed, she could only cover the basics of something that has been practised for over 4,000 years. Nevertheless, we all walked away feeling like we had a solid concept of the practice and theory.
As for me, my reflexology practice will never be the same and I anticipate that I will be significantly improving and assisting people with their healing needs. Impressive!
For those of you who could not make it, Sharon is planning to the back around for us in 2010. Please send me an e-mail at if you would like to be notified of her next US tour. Right now, she is teaching in over 17 countries with more and more demand from her services!
Thanks to everyone who attended and added their sweet energies to this amazing class.
by Mary VonRanker
“Sole Inspiration” (Washington Reflexology Association)
Vol 11, issue 3, p13 May 31 – June 1, 2008

Just a quick note to say that I just finished the Ayurvedic reflexology workshop and I’d like to let folks know that there’s a terrific advantage to learning the different ways of doing reflexology. This workshop was not only very informative but very wonderful.
Sharon and Richard were a great team and had great notebooks of what and how they were teaching, along with a DVD (which I purchased and would be glad to show at a meeting or our next get-together).
Many of the techniques were some I had adapted on my own or from taking other classes, but the idea of Ayurvedic Reflexology evolved in to a lot more energy work, which I feel will be very helpful to my clients, especially those with depression.
It was a terrific class.
by Mary Ellen Rutter
“Sole Inspiration” (Washington Reflexology Association)
Vol 11, issue 3, p13 May 31 – June 1, 2008