The birth of Ayurvedic Reflexology

Sharon’s contribution

“Ayurvedic Reflexology” has been the “brain child” of Sharon Stathis. Her husband Richard Rigby has also helped with this exciting birth.

In 2001, Sharon began her journey into learning about Ayurveda and how much it has to offer health practitioners in the Western World. Following extensive studies in both Australia and India, Sharon conceived how she could integrate the knowledge of Ayurveda with the knowledge of Reflexology.

The child from the marriage of these two important disciplines needed a name. The name “Ayurvedic Reflexology” was created in a café in Los Angeles over a glass or two of good wine.

The subtitle “- not just for Reflexologists” was added later when it was realised that most body workers could benefit from learning about these techniques.

Ayurvedic Reflexology brings together the authentic Indian practices of Ayurveda with those of modern reflexology as well as foot or hand massage. The combination has produced a powerful way of working with the body’s energy systems.

SMART workshops

From this original concept, Sharon created her teaching modules of SMART 1™ & SMART 2™. The word SMART is short for the “Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology Therapy”.

Sharon has a passion to share her knowledge with fellow reflexologists, other body work professionals and students. Her passion has led her to teach Ayurvedic Reflexology on the international circuit in sixteen countries.

Sharon’s commitment to the highest professional standards is reflected in her teaching content and style.

Sharon’s skill, knowledge and relaxed style of teaching has inspired many reflexologists, massage workers and other energy & body workers to incorporate these new techniques into their current practice.

Sharon has won international acclaim for the quality and professionalism of her presentations. She is committed to condensing the complex Ayurvedic system into an easy to understand form for Western “body-work” practitioners.

National and International presentations

Sharon is now a much sought after speaker at Reflexology Conferences around the world both lecturing and conducting workshops on Ayurvedic Reflexology. Her presentations include those given at:

2004 – Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) National Conference, Fremantle, Australia
2005 – Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ) National Conference, Auckland, New Zealand
2005 – International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) International Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006 – Reflexology Association of America (RAA) National Conference, Tucson, USA
2006 – Association of Reflexologists (AoR) Seminars,London, UK
2008 – The South African Reflexology Society (TSARS) National Congress, Durban, South Africa
2012 – Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) National Conference, Launceston, Australia (two presentations)
2015 – International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) International Conference, Sheffield, UK
2016 – Gedane Massage School International Reflexology Congress, Lausanne, Switzerland
2016 – Reflexology Association of America (RAA) National Conference, Anchorage, USA
2018 – Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) National Conference, Adelaide, Australia
2019 – Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) National Conference, Halifax, Canada
2019 – International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) International Conference, Anchorage, USA


Sharon would like to express her special thanks and gratitude to the generosity of the many people who have given their time to help her on her learning journey. In particular Sharon would like to thank Sat Guru Dharmananda Hanuman Das, Professor Dr Avinash Lele, Professor Dr Subhash Ranade, Dr Sunanda Ranade, Dr Bharati Lele, Dr Robert Svoboda, Farida Irani, Dr. Brenda Davies, and Dr. Ruth Doherty. There are many more who could be mentioned, and to each one of you – thank you.

Sharon Stathis

Sharon’s studies in Ayurveda and subtle energy work include:

Ayurvedic training in Pune, India by eminent Professor, Dr Avinash Lele, co-author of “Ayurveda and Marma Therapy” and other books
Ayurvedic tuition in Pune, India by eminent 
Professor, Dr Subhash Ranade, co-author of “Ayurveda and Marma Therapy” and author of many texts used in Ayurvedic teaching institutions in India
Ayurvedic tuition in Pune, India by 
Dr Sunanda Ranade, author of texts on Ayurvedic cooking
Ayurvedic experiential training in Pune, India by 
Dr Bharati Lele, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Personally tutored in Ayurveda by 
Dr Robert Svoboda, eminent Ayurvedic doctor and author (USA) – the first Westerner to be trained in India as an Ayurvedic Doctor
Ayurvedic education with 
Farida Irani, Ayurvedic teacher and practitioner Sydney, (Australia)
Ayurvedic education through the Ayurvedic Institute (
Dr Vasant Lad USA)
Researching & studying Ayurveda and Padabhyanga in various centres in 
Northern India
Studying and observing Ayurvedic treatment procedures in a large 
Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital in Jaipur, India
Studying subtle energy work with 
Dr. Brenda Davies, renowned medical practitioner specialising in using subtle energy systems in the body to bring about healing.

Studying subtle energy work with Dr. Ruth Doherty also a renowned medical practitioner with specialist skills in using subtle energy systems. Sharon has worked with Dr. Doherty to ascertain the profound influence Ayurvedic Reflexology has on the subtle energy fields of the body.

Private practice

Sharon manages to find time in amongst her busy international commitments to conduct a private practice applying the skills of Ayurvedic Reflexology. She started using her Ayurvedic Reflexology technique for the first time in 2001.

Richard’s contribution

Sharon’s husband, Richard Rigby has worked closely with Sharon in the creation of Ayurvedic Reflexology. Richard has used his wide knowledge and experience of subtle energies, anatomy & physiology as well as body work to assist Sharon in both the development and the teaching of Ayurvedic Reflexology in the SMART workshops.

Richard has taken an active part in assisting Sharon with researching Ayurvedic principles and techniques. He has travelled to India four times and has participated in most of the learning experiences with Sharon.

For more details about Richard’s background please click

Teaching aids and merchandise

audio visual presentations

Sharon and Richard’s teaching of Ayurvedic Reflexology relies on the use of “state of the art” audiovisual techniques and equipment. This is to ensure that the presentation of information in a very user friendly form.

DVDs, charts and manuals

Sharon and Richard have developed a series of Ayurvedic Reflexology teaching aids including laminated charts of different sizes for both hand and foot therapy. They have also released a 45 minute DVD demonstrating the SMART technique on the feet. There is a 40 page detailed practice manual that accompanies this DVD. An additional DVD and manual, demonstrating the SMART hand procedure, is soon to be released.


Richard has also produced several self-help CDs of his own including “Toning the Chakras”. This particular CD is designed to help balance the energy systems of the body.

Holistic Singing and Toning – the book

In 1998, Richard published the book “Holistic Singing and Toning” which deals (in part) with the use of sound in healing.

Ayurvedic Reflexology – the books

Sharon’s commitment to teaching the SMART courses has delayed the completion of her new books titled “Ayurvedic Reflexology for the feet” and “Ayurvedic Reflexology for the hands”. These books are expected to be completed in the near future.